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Providing Third Party Quality Assurance (TPQA) Service for Construction of Permanent Campus for Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati, at Merlapaka village, Yerpedu Mandal, Chittoor Dist., A.P. Phase-1 (Stage-1)

Project Description :

Construction of Permanent Campus for IIT Tirupati Quality Assurance & Project Monitoring through in location QC engineers Total Project Value Rs.600 Crores Total Plot Area - 530 Acres

Key Highlights:

Total Builtup Area.: 1,31,537 Sqm. Total Buildings (Blocks) - 27 Nos. Residential - 15 No. Academic - 12 No. Road - Roads for Type-A, B, C (a)Base Course-Cement Treated Base (b)Over Base Course- Stress Absorbing Member Inter Layer SAMI (c)Over SAMI layer --- Bituminous concrete External Developments - Storm water, drainage and water supply Swale arrangements Ponds - 2 No. Construction Technologies Adopted Fair Faced Concrete Waffle Slab Polished Flooring

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IIT Tirupati

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Third party Quality Monitoring

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