• Achieve organizational excellence through well laid out policies, guidelines & procedures.
  • Put in place an ISO Acredited Quality Management System.
  • Bench Mark “Process Models” for both Third Party Quality Assurance Services and Project Management Consulting Sevices.
  • Extend Quality Assurance services into specialized Infrastructure; Airport, Tunnels, Metros, Dams, Railways, Harbour & Ports, Power Grids.
  • Enable Hybrid Affordable Housing Technologies and carry out a Bench Marking Housing Project from conceptualisation to implementation.
  • Establish ‘Advanced Investigative Surveys’ Sub-vertical with capabilities in the areas of LiDAR Surveys, Drones and Geomatics.
  • Advancement of Urban Planning Services in Tamil Nadu & beyond.
  • Establish at least one CUBE branded technology for Waste Water or Solid waste.
  • To implement a key R & D project promoting applied research for ‘Future Smart Roads’ upto Proof of Concept Stage.
  • To implement a meaningful project in the domains of Environment & Sustainability and Smart Cities.