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Structural Assessment & Re-evaluation of several tenemental schemes (Phase I, II & III) - 33 Schemes

Description & Brief scope

Evaluation / Validation of Recommendations given by committees of TNUHDB

  • Carry out a detailed condition survey of interior and exterior of the buildings / structures to assess the following:
    (a) External damages, distress, deformities, deteriorations, deficiencies, discontinuities in the critical structural elements.
    (b) Physical condition of the non-structural elements for its intended functional effectiveness and efficacy.
    (c) Present status of the building services for its functional effectiveness and efficacy.
    (d) Determine the necessity and carryout appropriate Non-destructive / Partial destructive tests at structural elements as dictated by the site condition.
  • Carryout an indicative Cost Benefit Comparison of the repair / refurbishment vs reconstruction of the structures to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of retention option.
  • Analyse the findings from the above to cumulatively assess the overall adequacy of the scheme and arrive at the conclusion either to be Repaired / Refurbished or Reconstructed.
Key Highlights

The Objective is to re evaluate Anna University's recommendation TL Schemes - 18 No. schemes, 250 Buildings, 6564 Tenements / families Area - 2M Sqft

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Scope of work

Structural Condition Assessment

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