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Comprehensive Conservation Plan for Arulmigu Nellaiappar Temple

  • Distress mapping and analysis.
  • Assessment of the impact of adjacent urban development on temple distress.
  • Identification of root causes and issues contributing to distress.
  • Preparation of a detailed project report outlining key intervention for Priority areas.
  • Temple pond rejuvenation
Description & Brief scope

A Detailed Project Report for the identified priority intervention areas to enable immediate implementation on ground was submitted to TVS Group and THNRCE. Optimal and least invasive conservation solutions have been proposed and discussed with TN HR&CE and TVS Group and finalized in consultation with IIT Madras faculties.

Key Highlights

Empowering Heritage: Utilizing CSR funding to support a comprehensive conservation plan, preserving cultural and historical significance.

Distress Mapping and Analysis: Uncovering distress patterns and connections, discerning causes and generating a detailed report for targeted interventions.

Stratergic conservation : Crafting a detailed project report to guide preservation efforts, prioritizing key areas based on distress analysis.

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Start Date


End Date

Dec 2019- Oct 2022



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