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Tamil Nadu State Industrial Water Poilcy

  • Drafting policy based on research and feedback to address water-resource nexus and Industrial development dimensions.
  • Conducting workshops and interactions to capture diverse insights and perspectives of stakeholder departments/Organisations.
  • Embedding Sustainable Development Goals and climate change considerations for future-resilient strategies.
  • Evidence based recommendations derived from thorough policy diagnostics and research, ensuring effective outcomes.
  • Developement of enabling frameworks by establishing coordination and preparation mechanisms for a holistic and impactful policy.
Description & Brief scope

The growing recognition that “Water” is a finite and precious resource with clear linkage to all the three development dimensions: Environmental, Economic, and Social, has caught the attention of policy makers over the last decade. Considering the significant role water plays in the Industrial development, GoTN has assigned CUBE to frame the State Industrial Water Policy. The Policy shall be drafted through research and feedback-based methodology. Workshops and interactions at different stages have been planned to be held with the stakeholders.
The policy aims to encompass the following themes:
Theme 1: Source Management
Theme 2: Sustainable Integrated Industrial Water Management
Theme 3: Monitoring Framework
Theme 4: Financial Mechanisms
Theme 5: Innovation, Capacity Building & Knowledge Dissemination
Theme 6: Data & Information Management
Theme 7: Enabling Frameworks

Key Highlights

Resource-Centric Emphasis: The policy prioritizes efficient water source management, recognizing its essential role in industrial development.

Integrated Sustainability: Sustainable integrated industrial water management is a core focus, encouraging ecologically responsible water usage.

Robust Monitoring Framework: Theme 3 underscores transparent and accountable water usage by implementing a comprehensive monitoring system.

Innovative Finance Solutions: Theme 4 introduces innovative financial mechanisms, promoting responsible water stewardship through inventive funding approaches.

Climate-Resilient Approach: The policy aligns with SDGs and anticipates climate change impacts, crafting resilient water management strategies for sustainable industrial growth.

Facts and Figures

State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT).

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2020 - Ongoing



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