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NICHE Smart Model Park Development, SIPCOT Industrial Park, Irungattukottai

  • Concept development integrating sustainability theme.
  • Design and development of water front parks.
  • Preparation of detailed project report

Description & Brief scope

The SIPCOT Irungattukottai Industrial Park is home to primarily Automobile Manufacturing Industries. The project has been conceived to develop areas along the periphery of the park, that provide spectacular views of surrounding ecosystem, natural foreshores and water bodies such as the Chembarambakkam Lake, Thandalam, Keevalore, Katrambakkam , Thandalam Tanks. The development includes Boardwalks and Pathways enabling cycle and pedestrian movement while engaging the visitors with interspersed Themed Outdoor Display Galleries. These galleries will serve as knowledge dissemination areas to the general public on replicable and scalable sustainability best practices to educate and inspire the visitors.

Key Highlights

Strategic Enhancement: Focused on SIPCOT Irungattukottai Industrial Park, the project develops periphery areas with panoramic views of the Lakes and nearby water bodies.

Ecosystem Integration: Connecting with nature, the project embraces natural foreshores and water bodies, fostering a symbiotic relationship.

Enhanced Mobility and Interaction: Incorporating boardwalks and pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, promoting sustainable mobility and immersive engagement with the environment.

Knowledge Dissemination: Themed outdoor galleries serve as educational hubs, enlightening visitors about scalable sustainability practices, inspiring widespread adoption and awareness.

Facts and Figures

State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT).

Start Date


End Date

Feb 2020 –April 2022



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