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Ongoing UPT

Mega Streets Project - Package 5

  • Carrying out detailed topography surveys for the package network
  • Conduct focus group interactions
  • Complete utility infrastructure design [Utility Mapping, Storm water Management design, Detailed design drawings]
  • Aid in Bid Preparation
  • Design validation during project implementation
Description & Brief scope

Mega Streets Project of Greater Chennai Corporation focuses on detailed street network plan and detailed design for a total length of around 110 km of streets in various packages in Chennai. CUBE along with IBI
Group has been awarded the Velachery Package comprising of a road length of 15.29 Km.
Project involves designing of complete streets - inclusive for all road users by incorporating three aspects of design,
• Livability - Above ground features such as streetscape elements that improve visual and sensual perception.
• Mobility - Design that incorporates all road users and shifting the scales toward public and Non-Motorized Transportation Utility - Efficient design of underground utility infrastructure [water supply, storm water drain, sewer connection, electricity, telecommunication, and gas lines] and Sustainable urban Drainage Systems as a climate resilient strategy

Key Highlights

Extensive Urban Enhancement: Greater Chennai Corporation's Mega Streets Project targets a 110 km street network, focusing on comprehensive design and detailed planning.

Inclusive Design Approach: CUBE and IBI Group's Velachery Package win includes designing complete streets, emphasizing accessibility, safety, and sustainability via three design aspects: Livability, Mobility, and Utility.

Resilient and Sustainable: Project integrates climate-resilient strategies with efficient underground utility infrastructure, sustainable urban drainage systems, and enhanced streetscapes for a holistic urban transformation.

Facts and Figures

Greater Chennai Coorporation

Start Date


End Date

Mar-2020 - Ongoing



Partners & Associates

Arcadis IBI

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