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Documentation & Preparation of Assessment Reports of Heritage Buildings

  • Documentation of heritage buildings.
  • Preparation of assessment reports for heritage buildings.
Description & Brief scope

CUBE has documented heritage buildings in the Chennai Metropolitan Area and prepared the assessment reports to be used as benchmark documentation by CMDA. The project involved documentation of heritage.

Buildings iunder four themes – Building Records, Historical Details, Architectural Significance and Cultural Relevance of the Buildings including location, photographic documentation (both interior & exterior), time of construction, trends in terms of ownership, usage of the building and chronological events that are of historical & cultural value.

Key Highlights

Comprehensive Documentation: CUBE documented heritage buildings in Chennai, covering Building Records, Historical Details, Architectural Significance, and Cultural Relevance.

Benchmark Reports: The project resulted in the preparation of assessment reports serving as benchmark documentation by CMDA, ensuring accurate and standardized information for heritage buildings.

Holistic Evaluation: The documentation covered essential aspects including building location, photographic records (interior/exterior), construction timelines, ownership trends, usage, and historical events.

Facts and Figures

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority

Start Date


End Date

Nov 2018 – Feb 2019



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