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Ongoing UPT

Engineering, Structural Assessment and provide Mitigation Strategies for Protection and Development of the Cave complex at Naida, Diu

  • Distress assesssment to identify structural vulnerabilities.
  • Geological assessment of rock strata and Geological tests to understand composition and characteristics.
  • Implementation of Cave conservation through strengthenening,Protection and tourism Developement.
  • Architectural and design interventions.
  • Bill of Quantities
Description & Brief scope

The project involves a multidisciplinary approach to carry out the complex work of studying the cave hydrology, formations, structural details,materials and relevant protocols as well as the architectural and design interventions required for the project. The potential project benefits include economic, sociocultural and tourism potential enhancement through evolving the cave complex and surroundings into a sought-after destination.

Key Highlights

Multidisciplinary Approach: Employing a comprehensive approach to study cave hydrology, formations, and structural details, integrating geological, hydrological, and architectural expertise.

Mitigation Strategies: Crafting methodologies to safeguard the cave complex by assessing structural integrity, implementing conservation measures, and recommending sustainable architectural interventions.

Tourism and Socioeconomic Boost: Enhancing the cave complex for tourism potential, contributing to local economic growth and preserving socio-cultural heritage.

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PWD, Diu

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Naida Caves, Diu

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