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Study on ‘Impact of Urban Development on Coastal Aquifer and Measures for Protection in the Villages from Kottivakkam to Mahabalipuram between Bay of Bengal and Buckingham Canal’

  • Comprehensive assessment of aquifer systems, factoring in urban development consequences.
  • In-depth analysis of population growth trends and development characteristics, scrutinizing spatial implications.
  • Quantification of groundwater extraction levels, followed by a meticulous examination of their impact on aquifer sustainability.
  • Identification and assimilation of best practices from international and national contexts for effective aquifer preservation.
  • Formulation of comprehensive recommendations and guidelines for urban planning, facilitating long-term resilience and accessibility of aquifers for future generations.
Description & Brief scope

The project seeks to conduct a comprehensive examination of aquifers within the study zone. This assessment encompasses vital aspects like population expansion,groundwater usage and urbanization patterns. The central goal is to offer an encompassing view of historical and present aquifer statuses, accompanied by inherent challenges. Furthermore, the study delves into population growth trends, development types prevalent in the region, and the spatial impact of these structures. Thorough quantification of groundwater extraction and its repercussions on the aquifers is undertaken. The project unearths globally and nationally acclaimed practices, integrating established techniques for sustainable water management and preservation, to ensure effective aquifer conservation.

Key Highlights

Comprehensive Aquifer Assessment: The study thoroughly evaluates coastal aquifers, examining historical and present conditions, to comprehend the impact of urban development.

Urbanization Analysis: By analyzing population growth and development trends, the project uncovers how urbanization affects aquifers and their sustainability.

Guided Conservation Strategy: Drawing from global and national practices, the study formulates a robust framework to preserve aquifers, offering actionable recommendations for long-term sustainability.

Urban planning guidelines for Aquifer recharge area : Based on the ground water extraction data and CRZ , TNCDBR regulations, comprehensive urban planning guidelines are formulated.

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Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA)

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Feb 2023 – ongoing



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