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Consultancy Services for Evolving Crowd Management Plan, Emergency Evacuation Plan,Road Connectivity Studies, and Detailed Traffic Management Report for the Proposed Construction of Muthamizh Arignar Dr.Kalaigner Pen Monument, Chennai.

  • In-depth analysis of crowd patterns, behavior, and dynamics to create a robust crowd management plan.
  • Development of an emergency evacuation plan to ensure visitor safety during critical situations.
  • Comprehensive road connectivity studies to assess optimal routes and access points for visitors.
  • Traffic Impact assesment and formulation of management plan recommendations with strategies to handle vehicular movement, parking, and traffic flow around the monument.
Description & Brief scope

The aims to develop comprehensive management plans for the upcoming Pen monument in honor of former Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi in Chennai. The project's focus areas encompass crowd management, emergency evacuation procedures, road connectivity assessments, and detailed traffic management strategies. Anticipating a daily footfall of around 10,000 visitors, the project aims to establish suitable parameters and guidelines for each aspect by analyzing regulations, best practices, and relevant studies. Through thorough investigations, the project seeks to formulate effective strategies and recommendations to address specific mobility challenges associated with the Pen monument. Customized crowd management and traffic management plans are formulated to accommodate the monument's distinct characteristics, ensuring secure emergency protocols and efficient traffic flow.

Key Highlights

Holistic Approach: The project adopts an integrated strategy, harmonizing and streamlined crowd dynamics, road connectivity, and traffic management for a comprehensive monument management framework.

Emergency Resilience: A meticulously crafted emergency evacuation plan prioritizes the safety of 10,000 daily visitors, ensuring preparedness for unforeseen scenarios.

Enhanced Mobility Infrastructure: Through meticulous investigative analyses, this initiative formulates customized traffic management frameworks and specialized road connectivity strategies, mitigating potential mobility bottlenecks and fostering smooth vehicular flow.

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Dec 2022 - Ongoing

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