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Ongoing UPT

Preparation of Detailed Structural Design, Detailed Cost Estimate and Bill of Quantities for the Skywalk integrating Suburban Railway System with Kilambakkam Bus Terminal

  • To conduct necessary surveys and investigation to understand the existing situation of the site.
  • To develop a structural model, analyse the model and design the structure.
  • To prepare good for construction drawings which can be used directly during the construction.
  • To prepare a detailed Cost Estimate, Bill of Quantities
Description & Brief scope

The project aims to integrate the suburban railway system with the Kilambakkam Bus Terminal through a functional skywalk. The study's objective is to comprehensively analyze and address various aspects, including conducting surveys, developing a structural model, preparing construction drawings, and estimating costs. The scope of work encompasses geotechnical investigation, aligning the design with architectural and MEP drawings, developing lighting schemes, and finalizing detailed design and estimation.

Key Highlights

Multi-Modal Integration: The project focuses on seamlessly integrating the suburban railway system with Kilambakkam Bus Terminal through a functional skywalk, improving multi-modal transportation convenience.

Comprehensive Design Approach: With rigorous analysis, structural modeling, and aesthetic lighting design, the project ensures a robust and visually appealing skywalk.

Urban Connectivity Enhancement: By connecting transportation modes efficiently, the project contributes to sustainable urban development.

Facts and Figures

Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA)

Start Date


End Date

March 2023 - ongoing



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