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Ongoing UPT

Consultancy Services for Conducting Detailed Traffic Impact Assessment Studies for the Project – Construction of Multi-Storied Combined Court Building for Accommodating 60 Court Halls of the Subordinate Judiciary High Court of Madras.

  • Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA)
  • Transportation Network Analysis
  • Parking and Transport Evaluation
  • Traffic Flow Surveys
  • Mitigation Strategies recommendations
Description & Brief scope

The consultancy project involves a detailed Traffic Impact Assessment for the construction of a Multi-Storied Combined Court Building accommodating 60 Court Halls for the Subordinate Judiciary of the High Court of Madras. The assessment covers key aspects such as studying existing road connectivity, traffic patterns, parking availability, and compliance with transportation policies. It aims to estimate potential traffic generated by the project, evaluate its impact on transportation networks, and suggest mitigation measures. Recommendations will focus on maintaining smooth traffic flow during both construction and operational phases, ensuring safe accessibility for all user groups. The project's goal is to align with transportation standards, enhance traffic management, and uphold efficient mobility in the project vicinity.

Key Highlights

Impact Assesment -Conducting Traffic Impact Assessment considering road connectivity, traffic patterns, NMT and parking availability while adhering to transportation policies.

Effective Traffic Management-Assesing the Traffic projection, proposing smooth flow measures during construction and operation with safe user accessibility.

Urban Mobility Enhancement-Alignment with transportation standards, collaboration with stakeholders, and urban development focus for optimized traffic management around the court complex.

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End Date

May 2023 - ongoing



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