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Completed Projects

DPR for Rejuvenation & Waterfront Development of Twin Reservoirs of Rajapalayam

Start Year 5/28/2022

Project Duration 6 months

Project Description :

  • Critically review the existing collection, store and supply of the surface water to 6th Mile reservoir for its efficiency and efficacy and identify the measures needed to enhance the same to its designed potential.
  • Arrive at the maximum Surface Water Potential and increase the efficiency of collection, conveyance and storage in the 6th Mile Reservoir Tanks.
  • Explore and identify the additional potential water sources to the 6th Mile Reservoir so as to increase availability of water to the reservoir for different intended purposes.
  • Review the necessity to increase the capacity of the 6th Mile Reservoir to appropriately store the enhanced surface water runoff diverted into it to meet the potable water demand of Rajapalayam town.
  • Reduce the water losses due to infiltration and evapotranspiration.
  • Improved Micro-climate and Biodiversity for the Environmental Benefits.

Key Highlights:

  • Efficiency and Efficacy of the intake structure were improved to tap the water from River Mudangiyar to the 6th mile reservoir
  • Moreover additional catchments were tapped to improve the overall water supply to Rajapalayam Municipality.

Project Profile

Client : Sri Ramanalayam Trust

Location : Viruthunagar,Tamil Nadu


Services : Detailed Project Report