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Completed Projects

Topographical Survey using Aerial Drones, Surface Water Risk Assessment & Water Resources Modelling for IIT Jammu Campus

Start Year 16-06-2021

Project Duration 3 months

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Project Description :

  • Arrive at the maximum Surface Water Potential of the Campus and its immediate adjoining areas wherever applicable, that can be technically contained, conserved and utilized within the Campus.
  • Assessment on adequacy of the existing / planned Storm Water Drain network for the entire IIT Jammu Campus to support the arrived SWM Plan and propose new Storm Drain network for the same, if required.
  • Preparation of inundation maps for various rainfall return periods and identify the vulnerable locations within the IIT Jammu Campus.
  • Recommend suitable interventions and on-site measures to ameliorate inundation in the study area (wherever applicable).
  • Preparation of Surface Water Management Plan incorporating the above metioned interventions.

Key Highlights:

  • Inundation Study for the entire Campus for Various Rainfall Return Periods.
  • Adequacy check of the storm water infrastructure planned within the campus and recommend appropriate storm water infrastructure where required, for effective Storm Water Management.
  • Maximize the water conservation measures to supplement the resources planned to meet the water demand for IIT Jammu campus

Project Profile

Client : IIT Jammu

Location : Jammu and Kashmir


Services : Inundation Study and Surface Water Management Plan