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Completed Projects

Naida Caves Balance scope& Additional areas Engineering, Structural Assessment and Mitigation Strategies for Protection and Development of Naida Caves, Diu

Start Year 29-08-2022

Project Duration 10 Months

Project Description :

The project involves a multidisciplinary approach to carry out the complex work of studying the cave hydrology, formations, structural details, materials & relevant protocols as well as the architectural and design interventions required for the project. The potential project benefits include economic, sociocultural and tourism potential enhancement through evolving the cave complex and surroundings into a sought-after destination.

Key Highlights:

The cave is currently in vulnerable condition rendering it unsafe for public use and in the process of gradual deterioration which is a threat to the longevity of the cave’s life. This demands a holistic approach not only to protect but also to develop and enhance the experience of the cave system. A stratergic framework is formulated to address the conservation needs of the Cave through three proposed meaaures - Protection, Strengthening and Tourism Development.

Project Profile

Client : Diu PWD

Location : Diu , Gujarat

Vertical : Urban Planning And Transportation

Services : Techical and project management consultancy