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Completed Projects

Consultancy Services And Site Supervision Of Pre-Monsoon Vegetation Management Plan For Protection And Development Of The Naida Caves Complex At Diu.

Start Year 13-08-2021

Project Duration 3 Months

Project Description :

Naida Caves, spread over an area of 12485.34 Sq M. are visually stunning rock formations quarried over a period of time for construction activities. The Caves are unique in terms of their geology, history, spatial arrangement, play of light and shade, micro climate and ecosystem. It is a repository of many species that are local to Diu and thrive in the environment of the caves some of which are not very common in the surrounding areas. The vegetation management plan was initiated out of the need to study the Cave's plants species in detail, assess their impact on the Cave's structural stability and devise a plan for undertaking immediate measures for managing the vegetation at site to arrest deterioration of cave structure.

Key Highlights:

The Vegetation Management plan for naida caves was an essential study to assess the impact of the plant species on the Cave's structural stability and fomulate immediate to nex=cessary measures for managing the vegetation at site. An effective root management plan was tailored individually for critical,non-invasive roots including plugging at certain location. Cyclone vegetation management, Undergrowth and access management, Biomass and coconut groove management were proposed along with operation and maintenance recoomendations.

Project Profile

Client : Diu PWD

Location : Naida Caves, Diu

Vertical : Urban Planning And Transportation

Services : Providing Advisory and Consultancy Services